Oxidised Silver Jewellery Is Trending Across India

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If you are fashion conscious, you must have already heard or read about the current vogue of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. However, style connoisseurs are embracing the imperfections of tarnished jewellery these days. They call it lunar beauty, which loosely translates as accepting beauty with all its imperfections. You must be wondering if it’s okay to style the dusty or gloomy looking Silver Jewellery on your brightest day?


Well, if we talk about the trends then oxidised Artificial Jewellery has surely entered the mainstream. To steal the show, you would definitely want to invest in a piece of silver with a black patina that is thoughtfully made this way to grab attention.

What Is Oxidised Silver Jewellery And How Is It Made?

Silver jewellery with a black patina over it is called oxidised jewellery. The term oxidation is a deliberate process of adding an extra layer of drama to the final look of silver jewellery. Over time silver pieces tarnish on their own, however in the oxidation process, the artists use special chemicals, probably sulphurs to fasten the tarnishing effect. The final result is a dramatic piece of silver and Customized Gold Jewellery which is full of character.

Why Has Oxidised Silver Jewellery Become A Trendsetter?

When searching for Traditional Artificial Jewellery online, you can definitely find a section dedicated to the ‘tarnished beauty’. The black patina over silver pieces has become a fashion staple in contemporary styles. There are many reasons that women of all ages are embracing the tarnished look.
  • Enhanced Style: You don’t have to work hard to create a style statement, the dramatic black patina of your jewellery would do the job perfectly.
  • Maintenance Free: No need to worry about cleaning or upkeep of the jewellery surfaces which are chemically treated to remain the same for ages.
  • Affordable: Following contemporary styles can harm your pocket but not when you are investing in silver pieces.

How To Style Oxidised Jewellery?

It has been observed that oxidised Imitation Jewellery has become the B-town favourite. Many celebs have been spotted flaunting their dramatic jewellery statements with oxidised silver. The current favourites are bangle bracelets, statement necklaces and chunky earrings. They look gorgeous with every outfit. You don’t need to worry about styling the versatile style of jewellery, still, if you want to look your best then try to wear solid coloured outfits, preferably black or white. For elevating the look, keep your makeup minimal. If you want to opt for the bohemian style, a messy bun would add the desired amount of character to your silver oxidised jewellery. If Desi style is your favourite, pair kurta and denim with silver jhumkis and you would look your best. 

Final Word

Be it a casual day at work or a wedding event, the same piece of oxidised silver jewellery can make you look wow. The trending pieces are definitely worth the investment. If interested, check out the range of Indian Fashion Jewellery at Ciero Jewels. They stock the best priced Artificial Jewellery including tribal art oxidised silver jewellery.


Is Oxidised Jewellery Hypoallergenic?

Oxidation is a process done on high quality silver metal which is extremely safe for people with sensitive skin.

Is Oxidised Jewellery Durable?

Oxidised jewellery is made from premium quality silver which is highly durable and offers the best value for money.

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